Our Story

After being retired from my full-time job in 2018 due to disability at only 38, I struggled to find a reason to get up in the morning. Family life was great but there was no longer something for just myself. I was a single mum with two almost grown-up kids and I needed something to fill my life with.




I had been looking into eco friendly and zero waste alternatives for my family already as my career had been in recycling. We had already made lots of changes but I wanted more.


When lockdown hit in 2020 suddenly we were all washing our hands many times during the day. Nasty chemicals in sanitisers and overly drying soaps left my hands chapped and sore. 


I went through bottles of moisturiser as I searched for a natural solution. 


The goal was to find a product that was natural, with no nasties that could be used on all the family.


This led me to cold process soap.




I could use the finest butters and oils which were full of moisturising properties. I could also add soothing ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal or cleansing clays. 


I started to test recipes. Cold process soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure so I made batch after batch hoping that I would find the perfect base recipe for my soap. 


It was not an overnight success.


The first batch seized horribly on me. This is when it goes clumpy and lumpy like the picture above. It is such a waste of ingredients but I did learn a lot so I count it as a win.


I didn’t give up though and quickly moved on to my next soap. This was purple and black layered – yes I even layered my second soap! It was beautifully fragranced with a musky fragrance oil. y sister and my mum both have bars of this as they love the smell. It was also a super simple yet lovely formula.


But I felt that I could do more.  In fact, I spent months testing and tweaking recipes to get my bars of soap perfect. 



We had many more failures (I look at them as lessons) along the way. Batches of soap were seized, batches suffered from timing errors and many were just “okay” but not perfect.


Then I hit the EUREKA!


Friends and family loved it, they asked me to make more. Twelves months after starting my search for the perfect soap. I was ready to share it.



Bathe Botanicals was born.


I set up a cabin in the yard and started to get my recipes assessed. Every cosmetic product must be assessed by a chemist to ensure it is safe. It also has to be recorded on both the European and UK Cosmetics Portal. In fact, the admin work surrounding starting a small soap business can be terrifying!


But I love my recipe and couldn’t wait to start selling. My nurturing base formula is made using the highest quality butters and oils. Each batch is made by hand by myself from start to finish. I do this to ensure it meets my high expectations and yours. I hope you love it as much as I do.


I have started to make more bath products and have ideas for lots of new things.